Grounders are a band from Toronto who I recently got the chance to see at Clark Hall Pub in Kingston. They put on one hell of a show and impressed me to the point that I did some digging and found that they recently released their debut EP, Wreck Of A Smile.

From a live perspective, their instrumentation was filled with variety. Using a ton of pedal effects and two keyboards, they managed to create a huge sound, considering there was only one voice. Octave modulations and sleepy keys, combined with a light, shuffling drumbeat give their songs an ethereal, dreamy element.

I definitely hear big, sweeping chord hits reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, and the doubled, catchy guitar lines have a Real Estate element to them. That’s not to say that Grounders are derivative, but rather just reflective of current trends in independent music. So go check out Wreck Of A Smile, and try to catch these guys live as soon as you can.


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