I can say without a doubt that Montreal’s Suuns are the most interesting, challenging band I have heard so far in 2013. Canadian indie in the literal sense (but signed to American label Secretly Canadian), Suuns’ album Images du Futur sounds like they have been totally oblivious to any recent musical trends. They opt for a wicked combination of late-90’s industrial, post-punk, nowave, and…krautrock? The album manages to be unpredictable without being sporadic, hypnotic but engaging, exciting, and dark, dark, dark.

“2020” is their lead-off single (accompanied by a seizure-inducing music video), and the choice is obvious. The guitar’s anti-riff, the murmured vocals, the wonderfully restrained drums that cut out to bass wobbles or guitar screams just as you think you’re finally settling into the groove, are all compelling. The first time I finished listening to “2020”, I immediately played it again, just to figure out what the fuck was going on. This is a good sign: music is supposed to be an active experience, and songs shouldn’t play their full hand the first time around.

Suuns play in Kingston at the Grad Club on Friday, April 12, and it will not be a show to miss.


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