Post-War Blues

So Much For Everyone

Dan Mangan, long the darling of the Vancouver indie music scene, has effectively spread his message across the country. Drawing hundreds of faithful followers to Sydenham Church last night, he won the crowd over with his twinkling blue eyes and charmingly boyish smile. Clambering on top of the piano at one point, the charismatic man-child looked the very picture of a pastor conducting a church choir.  The encore, however, was the most stirring musical moment. Dan parted the tide of the onlookers and set himself in their midst, performing “So Much for Everyone” with the help of the audience to provide a slowly swelling chant in background.  As the haunting refrain of “oh, oh, oh” floated up into the vaulted ceiling of the church, I couldn’t help but succumb to the feeling that we were all part of something big and beautiful.

– Natali

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