Turnaround/ Steps


Let Me Live


The term “new band” can be a bit of a turn-off to those who associate it with a group of 16 year-olds jamming out in their parents’ garage, trying desperately to define, fill and control their sound… But absolutely none of this applies to The Tourist Company. Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., this progressive-folk trio have rocketed themselves through the awkward and experimental phase of development and launched straight into releasing an album within their first year –and damn is it a great first shot. The self-released Brother, Wake Up, shows off a round and fully developed earthy sound that’s misleading of the trio’s actual size. This is definitely an album to listen to all the way through, and then play all over again. It will draw you in with its storytelling lyrics and transport you to the coast of BC, begging you to pick a trail, run it, walk it, pause at the top to absorb the view, and finish it all off with a mug of your favourite tea.

Right off the bat, the percussion in “Let Me Live” is bound to have you drumming along, with the entire instrumental body crashing over you like waves as the chorus builds. Contrasting to this up beat and rustic sound is the equally as prevalent soothing acoustic in “Turnaround/Steps”. The fingerpicking and smooth but bittersweet vocals create the musical equivalent to sitting on a porch watching the summer rain fall. Together, these two themes encompass most of the album’s range as it flows between the high and low, the energizing and the soothing, leaving you completely content and really ready for a nap.

– Cait

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