Better Off I Thin Im Leaving

A Fool Walks Into a Bar and Cries Wolf

After listening to Nashville’s own Better Off, you wouldn’t guess that they have only been playing together as a band for one year. While their sound largely borrows from emo-rock mainstays such as Jimmy Eat World and Brand New, there’s something fresh to be discovered here. The fact that the band has developed such a coherent sound and already boast tens of thousands YouTube views really speaks to the quality of their musicianship and overall sound. It’s polished, yet still raw. I also really like that under their interests they include “A restaurant called Pizza Perfect”. That sounds pretty good to me.

“A Fool Walks Into a Bar and Cries Wolf” is the second single off of the band’s first full length (I Think) I’m Leaving released just this past September. From the get go, the single guitar, drum machine, and vocals create a steady rhythm that the band then fleshes out as the song progresses. It’s momentous without sounding stale at any point despite the rhythmic consistency throughout the track.

Having just concluded a tour with Major League, Have Mercy, and Seaway, it’s likely that the band will take some time to do some songwriting. Stay tuned, future stage dives and high fives to come.


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