Over The Neon Lights


This is a band that deserves to be shared, to be explored, and adored. Groovy, slow and powerful, Tango With Lions’ second studio album, A Long Walk, effortlessly melds a melodic electronic twist with a somber, resonant piano and warm, dramatic trombone. Tango With Lions began in Greece, as a music collective project of Katerina Papachristou (Kat), accompanied by a changing lineup of musicians from around the Greek indie scene. Their first album was released in 2010, and received much attention in Britain, with “In A Bar” hitting over 2 million views on YouTube. Tango With Lions now finds itself with a stable lineup, releasing A Long Walk  in October 2013. This album brings us a fresh and developed sound that still fluidly revolves around Kat’s smooth and mysterious voice. This band’s influences and approach to music are evidently unique, as this album is sure to convince you.

“Over Neon Lights” will surround you in mystery and lights and glitter and strange creatures. Give me a shout when you want more and we can sit in my living room, amongst the fairy lights and craft supplies, and listen to the rest.

– Kate




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