Cotton Jones

About The Game


As a follow-up to the husband and wife-fronted folk duo’s third LP, Cotton Jones released 500 limited edition 7″ vinyls titled About the Game in August. Although there are only two songs on the record (“About the Game” and “That Wheel”), this little gem is a favourite of mine.

Think She and Him meets the Deep South in the 70s- psychedelic funk/folk at it’s finest. “About the Game” is essentiality a lazy summer day lying in the grass and drinking a cold beer in a song, which as I sit inside watching the freezing rain come down is something I would kill to be doing right now.

I’ve been into reading how bands choose to describe themselves lately and this bio really hits the spot for me: “Songs become doorways to the past, or windows that open on some unnamed future, where innocence can still exist and perfection is thrown to the wind.” Do yourself a favour and forget about this dreadful so-called “winter” that’s upon us, and indulge in some good old fashion summer lovin with Cotton Jones.


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