All of us over here at The Vault are brimming with excitement in anticipation of The Vault Unlocked, and to get you ready a night of music and debauchery I bring you Adventure Galley. Funny story about these guys: At a festival this summer me and a fellow blogmate were in the middle of the crowd and we strike up conversation with the most magnificently mustachioed man I have ever seen (check out the guy in the top right of the photo), and he mentions that he was touring with his band, Adventure Galley. The name struck a note of recognition in my mind, but in the haze of the (ahem) afternoon sun, I could not grasp exactly why I had heard of them. When I got home from the festival, I searched the band on my ITunes and discovered these two delightful tracks.

Both “Addict” and “Weekend Lovers” are undeniably catchy dance rock tunes that will get you excited for the show tonight. So put these jams on the speakers, throw on your party pants, and get yourself over to 486 Johnson St., because magical things happen at concerts, and you never know whom you might encounter in the crowd.


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