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After months of anticipation, constant refreshing and virtual tears from Instagram antagonizing, the Wayhome lineup is finally here. Last July in “a town in North Ontario” to quote last years headliner Neil Young, Burls Creek, Barrie ON hosted the inaugural WAYHOME festival. This magical three day campers dream wow’d festival goers from across the globe. The breakout event held international acts like Alt-J, Sylvan Esso, ODESZA and Kendrick Lamar, as well as Canadian natives like Brave Shores, Alvvays and of course Kingston’s very own The Lost Cousins. WAYHOME brought festival goers from far and wide out to the fields to experience the experiment that became the pinnacle memory of everyones summer. Of course, if you didn’t attend, there was no shortage of social media documentation. Whether it was selfies on the campsites, group shots on colourful plush toys by WAYBOLD or the Giant SOON structure built in the main field, you got a kernel of the WAYHOME experience. It was a time for people of all music tastes to come together and celebrate great artists, delicious food, wonderful people and of course the craziness that makes for the legendary memories we hold onto until next year. Well folks, the time has come!
With headliners like The Killers, Canadian megastars Arcade Fire and none other then the returning disco-tech hero’s LCD Soundsystem. After 4 years of hiatus, LCD Soundsystem will be returning to the festival circuit at massive events like Bonnaroo, Gov’ Ball and Coachella. They will also be headlining the festival that stole our hearts last season and we cannot contain our excitement. Like in acting, there are no small acts, just small actors, which is definitely the case with this years WAYHOME lineup. Even the “smaller” sets that have been announced are nothing shy of greatness. Coleman Hell, The Paper Kites and OH WONDER are just a few of the acts that have me antsy with excitement. Writing this article makes me, as well as other Vault members and fellow Wayhomies, over the moon. This year the festival is expected to return to great new heights, as well as stay true to the carefree, individualistic and creative atmosphere that they projected last year. From the creators of the festival perfection that is Bonnaroo, Wayhome hopes to transport you to better place. A place where it’s about the music, the art and the appetite for life. A place where we can escape from our everyday worries of Instagram LPM (likes per minuet, if you didn’t know- which I’m sure you did) and wondering what the next hipster hair-trend will be (ps. lavender locks are so last season). Wayhome is a place is for the whimsy of life to bring you to a higher ground, to get to a level where you can just be there, with your people and smile, maybe even laugh. I know this sounds super high and mighty, like I’m telling you this festival will bring you to a new spiritual level where some Shaman will tell you “you’ve been cleansed of your demons” but trust me, I speak the truth. Wayhome is an experience and it’s one you’ll never forget. So gather up your friends, dig up that tent thats been buried in your garage since kindergarten and buy a ticket because festival season is right around the corner and you’ll want to be ready. See you SOON.
~ Nicole Richie
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