Alone Together

I imagine that the four (Canadian) boys in Jane’s Party are just bursting at the seams with charm.  Please forgive the cliché but it’s the truth; how else do you explain their perfectly sunny sound? Extreme talent maybe? I personally prefer my own explanation. I challenge you to listen to Alone Together without swaying, bopping or tapping of any kind. It’s hard. Really.

Jane’s Party will be playing at The Mansion on the 31st, so if you are equally as smitten as I am then mark the date on your iCal/ agenda/ scrap paper, whatever it is you use to keep track of the important things in life.  And I will wrap this up with a shameless plug: another lovely band by the name of Arco (featuring one of The Vault’s very own) will be opening.  See you on the 31st!


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