Mice On Stilts

Binocular Bath 

A Moss Ocean


They call it “Doom Folk.”

An 8 piece band from Auckland, Mice On Stilts surrounds us in a haunting soundscape for the full 35 minute run of their debut album, An Ocean Held Me, released on December 13, 2013. Their bio spins words of break ups, too many cigarettes, the sea, pissing 52 year olds, French boarding girls, friends on acid and, above all, catharsis. Take a dip into ‘Binocular Bath’ and listen to their past take form in nostalgic vocals, lonely piano, ambivalent sax, and various sounds as friends. I suppose that’s what they mean by catharsis?

Give yourself ‘A Moss Ocean’ for a few minutes of internal reflection, serenaded by a sympathetic sax.

– Kate

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