Anne Bonny 


Intense, brash, and unafraid of making a few people mad, California Experimental-Industrial-Electronic-Rap group Death Grips unexpectedly released a new album last month, Government Plates.

After dropping two hugely acclaimed albums in 2011 (Exmilitary and The Money Store), the band was picked up by Epic Records. Shortly after, the trio canceled tour dates at Osheaga and Lollapalooza, was rumored to have shadow-produced a few songs off Kanye’s Yeezus and went over Epic’s head to self-release another album, No Love Deep Web, online for free. They also changed the album cover of No Love Deep Web to a picture of front man Zach Hill’s (previously of WAVVES) dick.

Yeah, fucking hardcore.

November’s out-of-the-blue release of Government Plates has heeded mixed reviews. The album is a departure from their typical high strung gibberish-driven vibe. Government Plates features industrial soundscapes and paranoid ambiance mixed with dark and disturbing imagery. The album feels contrived and repetitive at times, but a few songs deliver through rough but sophisticated beats.

The song Anne Bonny epitomizes the bands cutting-edge ability to fuse genres and produce complex but enjoyable songs. Death Grips is like fruit cake. You might hate it, you might love it. Give it a few listens before you decide, the music deserves it.

– Sam Koebrich

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