Kevin DevineAnother Bag Of Bones


In the spirit of promoting independent music and looking forward to 2013, Kevin Devine and his wildly successful Kickstarter is a perfect match. Devine has been producing albums in various bands since the start of the millennium and is still going strong. Now, for his seventh (a solo album) and eighth (an album with The Goddamn Band) studio albums he’s asking for some help from the fans.

His Kickstarter was launched January 14th and in three days he’s already raised close to $80,000. His goal was $50,000 and he allotted 45 days to meet that goal. I’ve said it before  and I’ll say it again – the internet is grand invention.

His sound is reminiscent of Brand New (and a little Modest Mouse-y at times), and definitely worthy of the support he’s receiving. Give him a listen, give him a few bucks, and let the karma work it’s way in.

In Kenvin’s words “Here’s to Phase 2(013).  Upward & onward.”


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