Passion Pit

Pony Pony Run Run

Boasting an onslaught of luscious auburn hair, Crystal Fighters are a five-person ensemble hailing from Brazil who came together in London in 2007. They have been categorized as electro-pop, but this category doesn’t do them justice. Heavily influenced by Brazilian Basque Folk (and using traditional Basque instruments such as the txalaparta, a giant two man xylophone), Crystal Fighters has pioneered their own genre, which imaginative critics are christening “folktronic” or “basquetronica”.  Star of Love was released 2010 in the UK, but took another two years to get picked up by Atlantic Records and enlighten all of us on the other side of the pond.  “At Home,” one of their more reflective tracks with a slower tempo, has taken over the blogosphere with its various remixes. Two of my favourite remixes by Passion Pit and Pony Pony Run Run speed things up for a different but equally enjoyable sound.


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