At Night In Dreams

Under Mi Pretty Green

Whether you want to rock out with “At Night In Dreams” or slow it down with “Under Mi Pretty Green,” White Denim is a band that is capable of playing many genres, from bluegrass, to neo-raggae, or even some driving rock and roll. They somehow manage to make it all work. It’s been a while since I’ve come across some riff heavy, new rock and these guys have it.

The singer, James Petralli, has a great voice that he’s able to make fit whatever kind of song the band tries to play. Some of the hooks these guys have in their music are dangerously catchy and trust me, it will fester its way inside your brain and stay there for a while. This band is just one example, along with many others, that proves to me that rock and roll in it’s purest sense is still more than capable of being relevant in today’s music industry.

Usually this website focuses on Canadian artists, but sometimes the rules have to be broken in order to find some truly fantastic music from talented individuals all over the world. Keep an open mind, don’t get stuck listening to the same kind of music all the time, and reach outside your comfort zone. Who knows, you might find something that you actually enjoy.

– Matt

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