Back to Me

“ I don’t sing my songs for any reason. I just get tired of singing to myself. I could say they’re all about my feelings but that’s a lie that everybody tells.  This may not be true but I believe it: A song is love you give away for free. Once a song is sung it’s soon forgotten, some day it will all come back to me.”

I am not usually skeptical, but when I read that Matt Lowen describes himself as “Tom Petty and Bob Dylan’s illegitimate musical love child,” I was.  I adore Bob Dylan, and I don’t believe there will ever be another musician (or man) like him.  So I was unimpressed with Lowen’s statement but I checked out his stuff anyways. YOLO right?  Yes, Matt Lowen’s music does sound similar to Tom Petty’s and Bob Dylan’s but that is not what makes his music awesome.  It is easy for an artist, or anyone, to copy or steal from your major influencer. It isn’t easy to take bits and pieces from different artists turn it into inspiration and throw it in a pot, with a dash of flair and a touch of personality, stirring until everything is just right.  That is creating, and that’s exactly what Matt Lowen does.

“Back to Me” is a simple song.  The melody is comforting and the lyrics are honest.  You can hear how both Bob Dylan and Tom Petty have influenced Matt Lowen, but more importantly, you can hear a new and unique “Matt Lowen” sound.  Maybe twenty years from now an up and coming acoustic artist will credit Matt Lowen as an influence.

– Emma

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