Jesse Gold

Come On Over


Following up his debut The Come Along EP with his latest EP, written and produced, Back To Tomorrow less than two years later; Jesse Gold might be the hardest working kid with a guitar in Toronto.  That’s right– kid.  He is a lot younger than his voice lets on.

The sound he is exploring doesn’t fall under any of the music genres I find myself  being  drawn to lately, though, he has a very pop-y, inspirited sound paired with thoughtful lyrics and those are elements I like. However, what excites me about Jesse Gold is his evident understanding of rhythm: He is able to manipulate and layer sound to evoke feelings and emotions.   His music is easy to consume (really though, anything sung in that voice would be- want to test this with an instruction manual?) but I’m attracted to it because I don’t think it was easy to create.

I’m curious to see what else he can do as he continues to explore the parameters of his voice and his obvious passion for music. While we wait we can soothe our ears with Back To Tomorrow which is available for free download.

– Emma

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