Bahamas seriously proved his musical talent last night at the Grand Theatre. His voice on stage was nothing short of – and perhaps even more magical – than that soft, sultry voice you hear on his albums, and not that his instrumental abilities were ever doubted, his proficiency on guitar was nonetheless impressive. Three other musicians did a wonderful job of complimenting frontman Afie Jurvanen, the force behind Bahamas. The light and airy voice of Felicity Williams, featured on the group’s newest album Bahamas is Afie, provided some incredibly strong back-up vocals that often were very cleverly replacing the missing elements the audience knows from the album. In addition to Williams were Christine Bougie on guitar, bass and lap guitar, as well as Jason Tait, the same drummer that had apparently accompanied Bahamas at the Grad Club 7 years ago.


Bahamas was at one point left alone on stage, and it was at this point in time that he presented the audience with a solo version of his hit “Stronger than That” and many to his first album Pink Strat (named after his pink Fender Stratocaster that he was playing throughout the performance). Since last night, I’ve had the opportunity to check out Pink Strat, and although it isn’t necessarily as polished or produced as his two later albums, the listener is still spoiled with Jurvanen’s sweet, effortless voice, as well as his folky, beachy, and often bluesy guitar parts.


Overall, it was an incredibly engaging show with everyone sitting at the edges of their seats and more often than not, bobbing their heads. There was an incredible amount of audience interaction that included a just-bought copy of his Bahamas is Afie being passed forward through the audience to be autographed on stage mid-performance.


To finish things off are songs from each of his albums. “Lonely Loves” from his first, Pink Strat; “Okay, Alright, I’m Alive” from Barchords; and “Waves” from Bahamas is Afie.

-Maddy and Tim

Lonely Loves

Okay, Alright, I’m Alive


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