Be Here pt. 2 

This week I’ve got some special homegrown shit for y’all, you feel me? theO is a 3rd year Queen’s student from Aurora Ontario with some serious lyrical chops. We should know as he’s killed it at our backyard festival and most recently our Hip-hop show. Doesn’t get more local than this, Child Please 100-mile diet!

Be here pt. 2 is about a relationship that’s ended and takes you on a whirlwind of nostalgia where each line incorporates a pop-punk band name from when you rocked a studded belt and checker vans. Super clever.

He’s part of a group that goes by the name of True North Collective, a collective of musicians, producers, graphic designers, and other creatives who want to complete artistic endeavours all in-house. Keep an eye out for them as well.

theO is currently working on putting together an mixtape called bOy expected to release sometime this December for your ears so keep an eye out or in the best interests of everyone keep reading our blog.


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