Slam Dunk

Bleacher Lovin’


Raw energy. Not all music needs it, and a lot of music tries to capture, but few bands convey raw energy as well the Victoria 5-piece gong show that is Slam Dunk.

“Bleacher Lovin’” is the second track off their debut LP The Shivers. I’ll admit that the first time I heard this song I didn’t really know what to make of it. I found the ompah-pianos and howled vocals to be a bit unnerving. But now I realize I just couldn’t initially handle the controlled chaos that was to ensue. It’s seriously fun but also subtly impressive, with great use of instrumental dynamics, clever vocal lines, and a surprising tightness.

And the LYRICS! OH MAN! Scattered, frantic musings, my favourite lines include “what’s your take on being born?”, “we’re a lone wolf kind of people” and the unexpected injections of “shoot some cops!”. The Shivers is thoroughly good, and Slam Dunk put on a fantastic, frenetic live show. Cut loose and get into it!


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