Ten Kens: one the most creative psych bands I’ve heard in a lonnnng time, and easily one of the freshest sounds out of the country. Tame Impala and POND are great psych bands, both that I’ve discussed before, but the Ten Kens have such a distinct sound and it totally sets them apart from a lot of the other bands in the genre. Sadly, this also contributes to the fact that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Namesake isn’t my favourite album of theirs, but that’s probably because the mood of the album is dark and disturbing. It’s almost bone-chilling, but that’s also part of the album’s charm. Bliss is my favourite track off of Namesake, but you shouldn’t take my word for it. Judge it for yourself! The whole album is available for a test run over on their bandcamp page along with all of their other recordings (which are also fantastic).

One more thing…Check out their video for Bearfight. It almost justifies the “art form” known as the music video single handedly. Almost.


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