Bobby Uzoma - Sleeve

Three months ago Bobby Uzöma released his first track, SleeveSleeve features a simple and minimalist beat which serves to open up the space Bobby needs in order to layer and combine his often haunting vocals, growing in complexity throughout.  The result is a beautiful dream-pop song reminiscent of the cold, dark winters experienced in his hometown, Calgary.  A month later Bobby released his second track Idioglossia, a word that refers to a language only spoken by either one individual, or a very small, extremely tight-knit, group of people. Once again Bobby uses a simple yet well textured beat to underpin Idioglassia throughout. Though the lyrics are simple Bobby delivers them with tangible sadness as the song slowly builds and eventually explodes into a catchy dream-pop beat.  Two amazing tracks from some great new Canadian talent.  Check him out.



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