Broken Windows

10 o’clock hits and I have slept through two alarms, the beginning of my class, and haven’t put a post up (thanks Graham for the sassy reminder). As I am emerging from my slumbered state and getting ready to throw words into the day, I am interrupted by a call from a great friend from two homes ago. Luckily, this pal happens to be one of my best resources, and this is how I found Ragged Mane.

A five piece folk band from Antigonish, there is something reminiscent in their sound. It could be due to the nostalgic nature of the conversation I am currently engaged in (sorry Lewis for my brief half-attentiveness while you talk of government and consumerism), but I think there is something wise in their pace and evocative in their rhythm. Take an easy listen to this one, and waltz on over to their Bandcamp for more.

– Kate

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