Brother (EP) by Mighty Oaks-Cover Art

You Saved My Soul

This week I was fortunate to be introduced to one of my new favourite bands by one of my good friends (shout out to Tabatha!) and it’s safe to say that I am now obsessed. Mighty Oaks are a German folk trio based out of Berlin. Ian Hooper, Claudio Donzelli and Craig Saunders have been playing together since 2010, but have only recently started to gain more attention with the release of their EP Brother, and rightfully so.

This is the kind of EP that makes you want to run out your front door and climb the tallest mountains. All 4 songs on Brother come together so naturally, with an organic sound filled with harmonies and instruments that all compliment each other so well. In almost every song you can be sure to hear a drum and tambourine, setting the tempo and providing all the head bobbing rhythm your heart could desire. The drum serves as the heartbeat of their sound and gives them a nice base to work with. The 3 part harmonies provide soothing vocals for lyrics that are honest and carry lots of emotion, which can be seen in the song “You Saved My Soul”. All of the songs on this EP work so well together, with a consistent sound that is both uplifting and authentic.

Brother by Mighty Oaks is an amazing EP that is sure to lead them to bigger things. Their folk sound mixed with a tasteful amount of electric guitar gives them more options and the ability to really have fun with the genre. 4 songs was such a tease and I cannot wait for more!
Eric, out.

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