buit on glass

Talk Is Cheap 




Chet Faker, a pseudonym for Nicholas James Murphy, is an electric-soul producer from Melbourne. He bears a distinct sound that is clearly influenced by – and arguably influencing- those quality synth-pop sounds we’ve been hearing from Australia recently. Besides Lockjaw, a fantastic three track EP for which he collaborated with fellow Australian Flume, Chet Faker had not released new music since the release of his widely praised debut EP Thinking in Textures two years ago. His first full-length album, Built on Glass, was released on April 11th and marked a defining moment for the Australian musician. With so much hype built around Chet Faker, the album was under much scrutiny. He already had a legion of fans, both at home and abroad, that were awaiting clean, soulful and laid back music to match that which filled Thinking in Textures. Not only did he deliver; he went above and beyond. The first half of the album sounds like what was expected of it: Undeniably Australian synth and drums with Nicholas experimenting overtop with a variety of instruments – most notably the saxophone on the incredibly sexy single ‘Talk is Cheap’. The second portion of the album shifts gears, perhaps exploring what else Chet Faker could sound like. His sound becomes much more toned down, verging on atmospheric post-dubstep beats as he takes a more relaxed approach to singing. ‘1998’ is an excellent and extremely catchy track from this part of the album. All in all, Built on Glass is a fantastic album and well worth checking out. I have been playing it on repeat for months now and I have a feeling you will be too.


– Stephen

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