Divided By Structures


Disclaimer: this band is HEAVY.

Toronto-based progressive hardcore band Structures give you a reason to turn your sound system up to 11, and then maybe even a bit further. The band’s latest release “/” [read as Divided By] is an incredibly technical album that sustains its hardcore/djent sound throughout but remains interesting because of the band’s ability to experiment with and synthesize a number of genres into a truly unique, well-composed, and highly entertaining offering.

The title track “/” is the most accessible track on the album and probably my favourite. It’s a great example of the technicality of their musicianship and the “go [censored] yourself” attitude that you can expect from the rest of their catalogue. This one song also has three or four distinct parts, all of which never repeat and characterize distinct genres. It’s a pleasure to listen to for any fans of progressive music.

Structures will be playing at the Annex WreckRoom in Toronto on December 12. Stage dives and high fives all night.

– Paul

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