Call Me In The Afternoon

As the school year comes to an end so to does the carefree “I’ll do this later” attitude.  It’s time to crack open the books (maybe for the first time) and get to work.  To put it bleakly, it sucks.  Especially when using up all of your energy and attention in the library results in you missing out on potentially amazing shows—like last week’s Half Moon Run.  So, I give to you the next best thing! Sort of.  Well actually not at all. I can’t provide the beer, your friends or the live music and the atmosphere that goes along with it, but the song does make for a nice study break or accompaniment.

Half Moon Run is a Canadian band with a cool innovative sound: it’s like folk with more production and an ethereal rhythm.  This band has a lot coming up in the near future (including a European tour with the ever loved and Über popular, Mumford and Sons) and I predict that their popularity, along with their sound, will only continue to grow.  Half Moon Run’s debut album Dark Eyes is definitely something that should make its way onto your iTunes, you know, once you’ve finished that reading from week four.

– Emma

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