Can’t Leave The Night


Toronto’s BADBADNOTGOOD have released another track that really blurs the line between a beat and a song, and I’m inclined to think of it as a fully-shaped piece of music. This song has so many cool elements to it. A lot of “Can’t Leave The Night” reminds me of an early-80s horror movie theme, where the recurring ominous lick appears over and over, slowly building tension. The initial crawling bass line has that same aesthetic, a sort of fast-paced creepy. When the bass really kicks in it is DEEP, in a way that informs you of BBNG’s modern sound and hip-hop influences.  Duties for that crawling bass line are taken over by some sort of keyboard, which swaps back and forth (and sometimes overlaps) with the original motif to great effect.

There’s a Bonobo-esque breakdown with soft keys that serves to really highlight BBNG’s ability to play with dynamics, made even more impressive when you consider that they are a trio. This whole song is impressive. From what I can tell there are only four or five tracks on this thing, but it sounds lush and the levels are great. I love how high the drums are in the mix, as they are responsible for much of the song’s progression and momentum. The percussion is refreshing, technical and unique. Given that BBNG are jazz musicians, and can really solo if they are so inclined, the whole song sounds remarkably restrained. These guys are hardworking and productive, consistently putting out good content, and that we at the Vault write about them fairly often is no mistake. You can catch BADBADNOTGOOD at Arts & Crafts’ Field Trip in Toronto, June 7-8.


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