Our friends, Kasador, have done it again! Coming off the release of their debut self-titled album Kasador – the video for their second single ‘Talk About It’ was released October 18 on AUX, and has not fallen short of any expectation. The past three years have been a whirlwind for Kasador and it is evident that this band has gone through significant changes since they first debuted as Will Hunter Band. From their style, to their growth in talent, experience and even members – Kasador has become a band to watch. Their music captivates the listeners beyond their strong musicality, catchy beats, powerful choruses, lyrics you relate to and melodies that enchant and embrace what it means to be young – but simply because they are five guys doing what they love for people who love music.

The past two years the boys have found themselves sharing the stage with Canadian greats such as Lights, Arkells, July Talk, Wintersleep, U.S.S, and Current Swell. Most recently, Kasador opened Queen’s University Homecoming ReUnion Street Festival, playing with Walk Off the Earth for the second time.

Following the release of their first single ‘Neighbourhood’, in January 2016, and the full release of the album Kasador September 13th the boys have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Profiled by accredited websites such as Allan Cross’ A Journal of Musical Things, EXCLAIM! and Indie Trendsetters, Kasador is seeing more and more success with each day. The strong feedback has resulted in regular rotation from radio stations such as The Edge (Toronto), CBC Radio 1 and The Drive (Kingston), Boom 99.7 (Ottawa) and throughout campus radio stations like CFRC (Queen’s University).

‘Talk About It’ – directed by Brett Pedersen, is edgy and artistic, giving vibes visually like Catfish and the Bottlemen’s – ‘Twice’. The dark silhouetted tone of the video perfectly matches the single’s young and edgy soulfulness that rock and roll used to have, mixed with the sound of new age indie rock.

The Summer of 2016 had Kasador playing shows across Ontario, with a special show in Brooklyn, New York with Wintersleep and Whitehorse. With the success of this show, Kasador is now prepping for a more extensive USA tour Winter 2017. Watch out for them on their upcoming tour dates:

October 21 @ Grace O’Malley’s, Toronto – preshow party and fundraiser for Gord Downie Secret Path Fund for Truth and Reconciliation

October 29 @ The Mansion, Kingston

November 19th @ Lee’s Palace, Toronto with Modern Space & Valley


Check out their album on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.



– Alison and Bella Randazzo

Ottawa may lie in the (likely frozen) backwaters of more vibrant and visible music scenes in Montreal and Toronto, but every so often Ottawa alt-rock bands are able to capture the attention of listeners outside the amalgamated city limits. Live 88.5s Big Money Shot has been partly responsible for this; armed with the Weezer-recalling “Juliette,” a certain band called Hollerado dominated the radio for years after winning the contest when I was in middle school.

More recently, Sault Ste. Marie import Kalle Mattson gained some measure of prominence after competing in 2012, but that thankfully is not the last we’ve heard from the rocker. Between 2014 and 2015, Mattson released both a promising album Someday, the Moon Will Be Gold, and the trimmed-down Avalanche EP. The latter release follows Mattson as he switches gears and turns toward the centre, developing his pop sensibilities while retaining an innate knack for crafting down-to-earth, Horseshoe Tavern-friendly chants. “New Romantics” dips into well-trodden ‘80s influences, but Mattson’s voice offers a compelling, high-register earnestness that lends a sense of completion to the anthem. That track immediately leads into “Baby Blue,” a gorgeous, introspective candidate for the encore of his set that shows Mattson is as if not more comfortable on acoustic guitar as electric.

A couple months back, Mattson posted a cautiously optimistic update on the progress of his next album, joking that he has “no clue” whether it’s any good but admitting it may be “really exciting,” but this belies the confidence present in The Avalanche EP. Kingston folks can catch Mattson’s solo opening set for Jason Collett this Wednesday (May 11th) at the Grad Club. Jason Collett’s work is, of course, part of the endlessly enjoyable canon of Broken Social Scene-affiliated projects and his latest release, Song and Dance Man, was well-received. With Collett hailing from the nucleus of the Canadian music community, it’s only fitting that Mattson can represent a voice closer to its fringes.

– Ben

I have to admit this was the first time I’ve heard Twin Rivers, the garage-pop band from Vancouver, BC. Although some may believe this discounts an opinion, it helps form connections with the music purely based on its sound. Settle Down is one of the ten songs featured on Twin Rivers’ upcoming sophomore album, Passing Shade, releasing June 17. I can’t wait. This album is exactly what I could use this summer.

Settle Down’s guitar riffs resurface memories of evenings by the water, watching the sunset with good company. I already feel nostalgic for the memories that this song will become the soundtrack to. The chorus fits a similar bill. Every time I listen, I imagine an evening drive through the city, joking with friends, people-watching through the window. It speaks to the beginning of many individual narratives; the ones of those in the city, of those closer, and yours. Combined, the music asks me, “How will your summer go?” As such, I recommend listening to Settle Down relaxing with friends after an eventful day. The song fits perfectly within memories – memories that haven’t been made yet. Memories for which I’m already feeling a sense of nostalgia. This may have been the first time I’ve heard Twin Rivers, but I can definitely tell you it won’t be the last time I hear them – in real life or when I replay summer thoughts.

This was my experience. Listen to the track below and enjoy your own. Cheers!

– Jeremy

Before many of us realized Majid Jordan is actually two people, they were on top of the world, having had a hand in crafting arguably the most ubiquitous song of 2013, Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” But despite the hallowed OVO co-sign, their recent self-titled record takes little for granted. When singer Majid Al Maskati muses on how “easy it is to fall into a cycle” on the opening track, he’s far from satisfied with resting on his laurels. This track, coupled with early album standout “Make it Work,” perhaps represent Majid Jordan at their hardest working; the snare drum beat sizzles, and Al Maskati’s vocals fit seamlessly in the tense, futuristic song. Later on the album, “Something About You,” ascends gradually, reaching the heights of the Marilyn Monroe towers by Square One before circling back to the funk-tinged hook.

Leaving the club credentials of “My Love” aside, the record indicates how comfortably Majid Jordan fit into the space on the margins of a night out; they are adept at setting the pre-club mood and perhaps more so at easing the late night comedown. Two and a half years after “Hold On,” Drake remains as potent a cultural force as ever, and Majid Jordan continues to play their part in sound-tracking the OVO universe.

– ben

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.18.56 AM

After months of anticipation, constant refreshing and virtual tears from Instagram antagonizing, the Wayhome lineup is finally here. Last July in “a town in North Ontario” to quote last years headliner Neil Young, Burls Creek, Barrie ON hosted the inaugural WAYHOME festival. This magical three day campers dream wow’d festival goers from across the globe. The breakout event held international acts like Alt-J, Sylvan Esso, ODESZA and Kendrick Lamar, as well as Canadian natives like Brave Shores, Alvvays and of course Kingston’s very own The Lost Cousins. WAYHOME brought festival goers from far and wide out to the fields to experience the experiment that became the pinnacle memory of everyones summer. Of course, if you didn’t attend, there was no shortage of social media documentation. Whether it was selfies on the campsites, group shots on colourful plush toys by WAYBOLD or the Giant SOON structure built in the main field, you got a kernel of the WAYHOME experience. It was a time for people of all music tastes to come together and celebrate great artists, delicious food, wonderful people and of course the craziness that makes for the legendary memories we hold onto until next year. Well folks, the time has come!
With headliners like The Killers, Canadian megastars Arcade Fire and none other then the returning disco-tech hero’s LCD Soundsystem. After 4 years of hiatus, LCD Soundsystem will be returning to the festival circuit at massive events like Bonnaroo, Gov’ Ball and Coachella. They will also be headlining the festival that stole our hearts last season and we cannot contain our excitement. Like in acting, there are no small acts, just small actors, which is definitely the case with this years WAYHOME lineup. Even the “smaller” sets that have been announced are nothing shy of greatness. Coleman Hell, The Paper Kites and OH WONDER are just a few of the acts that have me antsy with excitement. Writing this article makes me, as well as other Vault members and fellow Wayhomies, over the moon. This year the festival is expected to return to great new heights, as well as stay true to the carefree, individualistic and creative atmosphere that they projected last year. From the creators of the festival perfection that is Bonnaroo, Wayhome hopes to transport you to better place. A place where it’s about the music, the art and the appetite for life. A place where we can escape from our everyday worries of Instagram LPM (likes per minuet, if you didn’t know- which I’m sure you did) and wondering what the next hipster hair-trend will be (ps. lavender locks are so last season). Wayhome is a place is for the whimsy of life to bring you to a higher ground, to get to a level where you can just be there, with your people and smile, maybe even laugh. I know this sounds super high and mighty, like I’m telling you this festival will bring you to a new spiritual level where some Shaman will tell you “you’ve been cleansed of your demons” but trust me, I speak the truth. Wayhome is an experience and it’s one you’ll never forget. So gather up your friends, dig up that tent thats been buried in your garage since kindergarten and buy a ticket because festival season is right around the corner and you’ll want to be ready. See you SOON.
~ Nicole Richie
For more info and the rest of the lineup: http://wayhome.com/

Bobby Uzoma - Sleeve

Three months ago Bobby Uzöma released his first track, SleeveSleeve features a simple and minimalist beat which serves to open up the space Bobby needs in order to layer and combine his often haunting vocals, growing in complexity throughout.  The result is a beautiful dream-pop song reminiscent of the cold, dark winters experienced in his hometown, Calgary.  A month later Bobby released his second track Idioglossia, a word that refers to a language only spoken by either one individual, or a very small, extremely tight-knit, group of people. Once again Bobby uses a simple yet well textured beat to underpin Idioglassia throughout. Though the lyrics are simple Bobby delivers them with tangible sadness as the song slowly builds and eventually explodes into a catchy dream-pop beat.  Two amazing tracks from some great new Canadian talent.  Check him out.




Queen’s very own Devan & Khalid have recently announced the exciting news that they will now be performing as Wild Rivers​! They have expanded the band to 4 members, adding drummer Ben Labenski and bassist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Oliver. Over the years, we have all learned to fall in love with Devan & Khalid and I’m sure many of us have been to at least one of their shows. They recently made this announcement and followed it up with a high energy outdoor performance at Queen’s Homecoming. Their set was absolutely amazing, as they kept the huge crowd singing and dancing the whole time.

I recently checked out their debut single “Wandering Child” and was blown away. It is everything I imagined and more! Their music is still anchored in the folk roots that we are familiar with, but now, with a full band, it has evolved to a more expansive and full-bodied sound that layers beautifully to compliment Devan & Khalid’s harmonies. The lyrics are honest, insightful and vulnerable in a way that really allows us to connect to the artists. And yes, the chorus is infectiously catchy, just as we have come to expect from Devan & Khalid!

I have always loved their music and of course, they are incredibly talented musicians with so much potential. But now, with Wild Rivers, 2 new band members and a renewed commitment to their art, I truly believe that they will fully reach that potential. When I first heard that Devan & Khalid would continue pursuing music as Wild Rivers I couldn’t help but feel like they were doing something so refreshing, especially in this day and age, where so many young people are worried about what job they will get or how they are going to fit into the “real world”. I think that Devan, Khalid, Ben and Andrew are showing that maybe it isn’t so much about how your are going to fit into the “real world”, but more about how you are going to be happy in your own world. I really hope that this serves as an inspiration, and an encouraging nudge to any musician out there who is on the fence about whether or not to follow their passion.


“We felt like we owed it to ourselves to follow our dreams and pursue something we truly loved. We haven’t looked back.”

– Devan & Khalid


This is part 1 of many, and I can’t wait to continue to cover their progress as they embrace their new identity, as Wild Rivers!

Stay tuned friends.





In true City and Colour fashion If I Should Go Before You, is transendiary.  Dallas Green encapsulates everything we love about his music in this album. Folk, Rock and sultry acoustics flow through our speakers and into our hearts. This album, like his others, is a love letter to the lovesick. The music makes us believe that his voice can heal our broken hearts and sew up all our open wounds. His anger and grief that comes across lets the listener feel with him and understand the lyrics in their own personal way. Some tracks on this album, like Wasted Love are more uplifting and less “Save Your Scissors”-esque. But a song like “Friends” draws us in with its gritty and vulnerable vocals, almost  like someone close to you telling a story you never want to stop hearing. City and Colour never comes up short and we continue to be in awe of Dallas Green because of it. This album is a magnitude of sound that makes us want to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and let all our troubles subside for a while. If I Should Go Before You, has a little pop influence that can be heard in songs like “Lover Come Back” and “ Map of the World”. Green is channeling a pop-folk vibe, showing us that although he is sticking to his original sound, he is incorporating new styles into his music in order to stay fresh in an ever evolving musical world. By no means are we saying that City and Colour is hanging up his melancholy and trading it in for a synthesizer, but the new album definitely shows us Green is able to grow without straying to far from his roots. This album is another tribute to the magic that lives inside a man with too many sorrows. Dallas, we salute you, this album rocks.

~ Nicole




Enoch Ncube of “Enoch Loves You”, a Toronto based artist fresh out of Queens, recently contacted the Vault. Admittedly, I had no idea who this mystery artist was, so I found out. I was blown away by his unique style and one song in particular “import.file” really caught my attention.

Right away you get drawn into a transic beat, which made me feel like I was walking down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night. The lyrics that follow are short but to the point, and that point is Enoch can drop some fucking bars.

His flow is comparable to that of a less angry Tyler the Creator, or Childish Gambino if we turned down the BPM on his tracks. It’s a consistent flow of ear nourishing fire.

I reached out to Enoch to find out a bit about his inspiration. When he told me “Kanye, Tyler the Creator, Flying Lotus, and Kevin Abstract” were some of his inspirations, it did not come as much of a shocker. The Flying Lotus influence was easy to pick out in the foundations of his beat, however I also sensed some Flume vibes at work around the 1:12 mark in the song.

He just finished a colab about five months ago with an artist named Erez, but I cannot wait to hear what more’s to come. I’ll leave you with this quote fron Enoch, “Stevie Wonder is my god, Pharrell is my musical father and Kid Cudi is my Jesus”.


A refreshing surf rock style and unyielding political convictions in tow, one time Kingston resident Thomas Little, aka Dazy Crown, is making waves over in East Anglia, UK. While his first single, “Perfect Dream”, can be commended for its brevity, “Common Scents” narrows its focus to one particular injustice. Little keeps seeing people getting locked up for rolling up, and he has a problem with a government that sees no problem in that. Little’s lyrics lay out a timely case against drug policy with the Canadian election at hand, culminating in a cry to “just let it go.” Though his lack of patience for the ruling Conservative party is clear, Little holds back on animosity in his delivery; it’s a surf rock tune after all. For anyone infuriated with the Harper-Fords schmoozing over the past week, this song is a rallying call, but its pop sensibilities will propel it beyond the ephemerality of Election Day.

Anyway, the minimalist touch of the self-produced single lends a Belle & Sebastian-y tinge to Little’s voice. The tune’s fuzzy atmosphere is as if Little had turned on the space heater in his bedroom before recording it. And a standout bridge commands attention before letting “Common Scents” dissolve into outro verse bliss. Check it out, and vote if you haven’t already.

– ben