Change Time

A fun, charming and happy beat that will get your toes tapping, head bobbing and hands clapping within seconds of  hearing it.  Tessa Rose Jackson’s “Change Time is one of those songs that will instantly cheer you up. If you want to wallow, mourn, cry or sit in the corner and pout then don’t listen to this song; it will seriously hinder your ability to frown, and simultaneously erase any unpleasant thought in your mind.

Tessa Rose Jackson echoes artists like Feist, Florence Welch, Ingrid Michaelson and The Fleet Foxes but she definitely has her own style: quirky yet sassy.  If people could be songs, then Zooey Deschanel would be this song.

I won’t be surprised if this song gets used in one of those adorable Christmas commercials that we can’t seem to escape from come Mid- November; one with snowmen, happy couples, twinkling lights and apple cider.


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