Majid Jordan


Chill Pad Deluxe


Despite the fact that “Hold on We’re Going Home” is still my JAM, Drake’s hit is getting a little dated. So it took me a bit of time to make the connection that this Majid Jordan “After-Hours” EP I’ve been listening to all week is the same Majid Jordan featured on Drake’s song. Majid Jordan is a producer due based out of Toronto. Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman’s EP dropped in 2013 and is very much true to the chill/pop stye of “Hold on We’re Going Home.,” with a consistently retro vibe throughout each song. Their upbeat, dance party track “Give Me a Reason (For Lovin You)” proves that in some sense they are a Canadian Disclosure-  hook, reverb and everything. Their more down-tempo song “Chill Pad Deluxe,” which is by far my favourite, shows a more relaxed side of things. Paired with simple electric guitar chords, this track focus majorly on Majid’s smooth vocals and is the type of stylistic, easy-listening I’m always down for. Here’s a link to their EP…all good, summer vibes from Majid Jordan.

– Annie

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