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Wildeflower sounds like the writing styles combined from two of the least known front men during the “classic rock” era. The thing is, they’re both from the same band. Fleetwood Mac had many lineup changes over the years and funnily enough, and these two men headed the band one after the other. Wildflower sounds like a perfect combination, somewhere between Danny Kirwan and Bob Welch’s writing styles. The difference here is that these fellows stick to acoustic instruments and a voice.

The band has little info posted anywhere at all on the world wide web. Their official site constists of a white background, some black text, and an embedded Soundcloud player with their music in it. It’s almost as if these guys don’t want to be known with the little amount of information I was able to find. Despite their underground (almost non-existent) conveyed persona, this band deserves your attention. Wildeflower’s music is very refreshing compared to today’s music releases, despite showing their heavy early era Fleetwood Mac inspiration.

– Matt

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