Capsulecorp- Clam City

Clam City


The Capsulecorp boys are back at it, and this time speed is the name of the game. The actual beat of “Clam City” is pretty straight forward, continuous lower-end synth creates a mellow feel that is disrupted by the urgent rat-a-tats that push the song forward. A filtered voice is placed low enough in the mix so as to challenge the listener to pay attention, because there is some serious wordplay happening here. Although the track doesn’t really change structure, there are a number of devices Yung Cebo employs that keep it feeling fresh and dynamic; hi-hat accents, swirling glossy synths at the chorus, voice glitching. Rapper Mark Anderson does an impressive job of keeping pace at a daunting tempo, and anyone who was at The Vault Spooktacular can attest that he can do it live. Not only is it fast, but the lyrical content is fascinating, and available here. Let’s hope these guys give us another Kingston show before the year is out.


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