1888575_242944419241460_3213181178936593335_nCounting On You

Aukland is a Toronto based indie-rock band originally from Mississauga, Ontario. Having already opened for popular Canadian acts such as, Tokyo Police Club, Hollerado and Carly Rae Jepsen, Aukland is rapidly gaining fans, myself included. This fresh and energetic group features Sean Sroka on vocals and guitar, Jeff Campana on guitar and vocals, Andrew Thomas on bass and vocals, and Dave Setton on drums and vocals. “Counting on You” is the first track off their first EP entitled The Orange Above and one track that has been stuck in my head ever since I first listened to it. Moreover, Aukland celebrated a EP release on May 16 at the Sound of Change Music Festival, where they shared the stage with up-and-coming Canadian acts such as The Elwins and Fast Romantics.
“Counting On You”  features killer guitar riffs, rhythmic bass lines throughout the verses as well as the incorporation of harmonies from every member of the band. It’s got that youthful groove and energy that I really enjoy in a indie-alt tune. Stay tuned for upcoming show announcements and definitely give these guys a listen to.


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