Cross My Mind

You may recognize vocalist Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional fame, but don’t write this project off simply as a rehashed The Shade of Poison Trees. Founded early last year, Florida-based Twin Forks is a departure from the familiar emo-rock Dashboard sound, and rather is characterized by classic folk vibes, cowboy chords, and a sound that is strikingly half-rural, half-urban. I lament the direction that many folk-roots artists have taken the genre in the past few years, but there are still numerous reasons to love the variety, Twin Forks being a prime example.

“Cross My Mind” is infectiously honest, relatable, and confident. Driven by a straightforward rhythm section, colloquial lyrics, and that whistling hook, Twin Forks reduce personal uncertainty and lust to a minor stepping stone towards putting your heart on the line. It’s with a conversational and optimistic whim that Twin Forks demonstrate their refreshingly playful sound. The chorus is particularly en pointe, where Carrabba reflects “From time to time, you cross my mind”, where one love-struck boy can’t help but wonder, do I ever cross your mind?

Released today on Dine Alone Records, check out Twin Forks’ self-titled LP.




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