D’Angelo has finally released Black Messiah, his first album in 15 years since the release of Voodoo. Black Messiah definitely depicts some growth and maturity since Voodoo. It’s got less hip-hop vibes, and definitely some more straight up funkiness and R & B. Like Voodoo, the album is wonderfully produced with a variety of fantastic beats throughout; some sexy funky vibes on “Sugah Daddy” and “Really Love”, and some darker rockier tones on tracks like “Ain’t That Easy” and “1000 Deaths”. That being said, the album does really progress through a variety of different moods as you go along track by track. Black Messiah starts off relatively serious and loud, and progressively heads into some more romantic, then upbeat funky vibes. The fantastic production on the album can at least be partially attributed to production work from some well-known modern day funk/hip-hop artists such as Q-Tip from the great A Tribe Called Quest, and Questlove from the Roots, among others. It’s not just the production that makes this album, though. D’Angelo’s smooth, velvety, and often falsetto voice is as incredible as it was 15 years ago.


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