Peter Katz



In our hipster/indie rock culture where apathy and bitterness is strangely praised, finding Peter Katz in this mix is a refreshing surprise. This Toronto based singer/songwriter prefers to take a more human approach to his music, gaining inspiration from the sadness and love in the world around us. His skill is on par with his passion and the result can not only be heard, but felt. I absolutely adore folk, but most songs leave me with what can only be described as melancholy – what I imagine the feeling of walking home on a cold winter night is. Peter’s delicately arranged melodies and soothing voice feels more like cuddling up in a towel straight from the dryer. And that is a huge accomplishment in my opinion.

Also, I dare you to watch this and tell me ya don’t love him.

Peter will be playing Queen’s very own Clark Hall Pub on March 12th, and if you’re a student you get a five buck discount on tickets! Woohoo – tuition will have you in debt until your 30s, but at least we get discounted concert tickets. Priorities, my friends.


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