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Trainwreck 1979 – DFA 1979

Pull Out – DFA 1979

2012 – PS I Love You

Going to this show felt like a blast from the past in several ways. The first being of course the fact that DFA reunited a few years ago so its always a trip to hear music that you hadn’t truly vibed to since high school (for me, at least). The second flashback was that this concert was very similar to their concert at Ale House (also with PS I Love You opening) only a couple years ago soon after they reunited.

PS I Love You started off the show with a solid opening. Their drummer playing with intensity and their guitarist singer nonchalantly playing behind his back and the like. Humourously stating that every one of the songs was about Kingston, they otherwise had a pretty mild-mannered stage presence and the audience mostly looked on. Which was a nice juxtaposition to the next set by Metz. These dudes played HARD and fast and the crowd reacted accordingly. It was after this set that my ears started ringing.

Then came DFA. Dudes look nearly the exact same as they would have 10 years ago; shaggy hair, eccentric yet subdued clothes (Sebastian Grainger was only wearing white overalls), and of course they’re massive light set of the Elephant Face Logo. They played a solid mix of old and new tracks. I’ll admit they looked like they were having more fun the last time they came to Kingston, granted perhaps it was because it was their first tour together in a super long time. Nonetheless the show was awesome and the crowd was definitely enjoying, there was so much crowd surfing that it got to the point where I thought (should there be a crowdsurfing cap? Where after a certain number its like “ok we’re good for tonight, we’ve maximized our potential crowdsurfing pleasure everyone can just go back to enjoying the show regularly). Also the mosh pit was pretty fierce.

After playing for a good half hour or so they finished with an encore of about 4 tracks including Pull Out (after much deliberation from the crowd), Romantic Rights, and a couple other classics. Needless to say its good to see a legendary Canadian duo like these guys do a comeback that doesn’t feel contrived or overdone.


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