Dead Womb

Blood On Our Hands

Every once in a while you go to a concert that really knocks you on your ass and makes you realize how awesome a band actually is. First off, I only got into DFA in 2007 (the year afer they broke up) this meant that their music to me was bittersweet because I’d discovered this amazing band only to realize their Golden Age was over. But enough about me, onto the show. With an excellent opening set by PS I Love You, DFA got into it right as I was leaving the bathroom. The bouncers had tried to create human shields to stop people from joining the pit but to little avail. As someone who really enjoys the pit, I can tell you this was a good one to be in as it was just the right amount of fun counter-balanced with roughing people up a bit. They played a lot of the classics like “Cold War,” “Pull Out,” “We Don’t Sleep at Night,” “Little Girl,” and  “Black History Month,” along with one or two ones that I believe were new.

It’s good to see that Sebastian and Jesse had a pretty good rapport onstage, with Grainger doing most of the banter between songs. A few memorable anecdotes where: he smoked weed for the first time in Kingston, lost his virginity in Kingston, and continuously referring to Ale House as AJ’s Hangar, giving everyone an idea of how long it has been since they’ve played.

They left stage what felt like somewhat early on, only to come back and play at least a five song encore including “Dead Womb” (easily my favourite song) and “Romantic Rights”. Riff-heavy bass, pounding drums, and ripping vocals. All in all, this show was everything I hoped for and now my 15 year old self can be put to rest. Reunions are always an uncertain thing so if I were you I’d get out there to see these guys as soon as possible.

-Cam has pulled out

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