In another universe, I think North London rapper, Little Simz and I would totally (maybe) be friends…. or at least I would compliment her white Adidas in English class, and she would say,“thanks,” and it would be the highlight of my week. Cause this chick has style. The 19-year-old released her debut mix-tape, “Black Canvas,” back in September, and with one listen, you can tell not only that she’s smart, but that he’s got a lot to prove. Her lyrics are intuitive, and she executes each one with total conviction. Her rap voice is cool and crisp, and beyond girl-crush worthy. Plus, she’s making a name for herself AND she’s still enrolled in school. Her song “Deranged” is definitely one of her darker tracks, but I like it’s choppy vibe and reflective lyrics. In fact, the majority of the albums subject content demonstrates how Little Simz is a rapper far beyond her years. Keep an eye out for her.

– Annie

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