Emily KingDistance 

I don’t like straying from Canadian music in my posts much, but when you find a work of art this beautiful, there’s a social obligation as a music lover to share. Let me introduce to you 28-year old Brooklyn-based Emily King. Just a heads up: that will be the best sentence you read today because your life will only be lifted from hearing King’s masterpiece of a voice.

It’s been six years since King’s debut album East Side Story was released with Clive Davis’ J Records, and three years since the release of her independent EP Seven; lucky for us “Distance” was well worth the wait. The track blurs the lines around R&B, pop, and even indie with the help of King’s folk-y twinge about her to produce a sound smoother than a stolen glass of Johnny Walker Blue. The combination of the bouncy piano melody, an occasional electric guitar riff, and quick tempo changes are enough to have you swaying in your seat and incessantly hitting repeat. I’m not even going to bother mentioning her voice because it deserves a whole post of it’s own. I’m sure once you hear it you’ll agree with me on that.



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