Do It


Tuxedo has brought the funk with their self-titled album, and this track is easily my favourite of the bunch. The synth bass and lead manage to hit a sweet-spot, sounding somewhat retro but fittingly modern at the same time. A simple dance beat and some memorable bass lines are all it really takes for a funk song to be catchy, but there are so many layers to it all. Everything just fits like a glove.

You don’t see groups like Tuxedo put out LPs like bands from the past did within their genre. The fact that the retro vibe comes out so obviously in the music and the album having twelve tracks on it; it almost seems as if this album could have been released sometime in the 70s. It’s truly remarkable how new and old this song and the entire album sounds. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly fun to listen to.

– Matt

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