Casper Cult artwork


I’ve Been Killing Us 


Australia’s Casper Cult has delivered in Domesticated exactly what a debut EP should. With an undefined sound manipulating DIY acoustic, synthetic and electronic elements, this year-old producer/vocalist duo has made a bold first step into the experimental electronic world. By bearing this ‘undefined’ sound, Casper Cult retains its raw youth; they commit their development as a band to no genre or set pathway while creating four tracks that point to vast potential. It’s often in their first tracks that we can hear artists creating themselves. It’s anyone’s guess what we’ll hear next from Casper Cult, and I love that.

Each track showcases something different. “Industrial Love” showcases Alisha Linsdell’s vocals while the producer half of the duo emerges on “Endless Nightmare.” “I’ve Been Killing Us” is without hesitation my favourite track, effortlessly weaving their soon-to-be-signature DIY recordings with clean and dreamy produced layers. While there are elements on this EP one can recognize in other artists (London Grammer, KWABS, Mt. Wolf), this is not a quality I expect to follow Casper Cult throughout their growth; they are well on their way towards the development of a unique and distinct sound. The Domesticated EP makes promises of impending greatness, and I am looking forward to hearing Casper Cult deliver.

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