White Lung- Songs of the South

Down With You


White Lung are a 4-piece punk outfit from Vancouver doing some of the most fun and interesting stuff in Canadian punk, or maybe punk in general. “Down With You” is the B-side off the Songs About The South 7”, released last fall. White Lung have a reputation for fantastic live shows, smart songwriting and wicked attitude.

“Down With You” kicks some serious ass. Packed in at under 2 minutes, this song is pumping, forward-moving, and feels both celebratory and sinister. The chord changes feel natural but new, and the vocals are dynamic and engaging, all of which combine for some serious repeat listening. Mish Way is one of the most charismatic frontwomen in music right now, combining snarls, swagger, and intelligence; something like Karen O meets Guy Piccioto. That’s not to discredit the rest of the band, who have serious energy, a tight rhythm section, and lead guitar that avoids almost all punk clichés (a one guitar band needn’t be just power chords!).

The mixing on this song (and their whole last album Sorry for that matter) is an example of a great way to do modern punk: It’s still got grit and isn’t over compressed, but at the same time instruments can be differentiated, and the songs don’t come across as too deliberately lo-fi. Expect a new album from these guys sometime in 2014 (hopefully!), and check out Songs AboutThe South, which provides more satisfaction in 4 minutes and 12 seconds than you’ll find on most albums.


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