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I am always amazed at the sounds Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto can come up with. As only a 2 member band, Majical Cloudz are able to transform simplicity into a boundary-pushing style of music unlike anything else.

As the third single off their upcoming LP, ‘Downtown’ draws listeners in with the familiarly ambient, droning waves that characterize Majical Cloudz’ music. The soft tones of the song provide listeners with an emotional atmosphere for the mind to explore. As Welsh sings about someone that he is obsessively infatuated with, one cannot help but to think of someone who gives them the same feelings in their life.

The texture of this song is very airy and slow – denoting a sense of loneliness or emptiness. Welsh’s lyrics, however, remind listeners of a childlike excitement – the feelings you had with your first crush, or when you went on your first date. This impressive quality seen in Downtown is what constantly draws me back to Majical Cloudz – they are constantly combining almost-opposite emotions and thoughts with one another. ALL THE FEELS.

I was lucky enough to catch Majical Cloudz at this years NXNE festival in Toronto. If listening to this song on your ipod doesn’t draw you into the Majical Cloudz fandom, one of their shows will. Devon Welsh’s beady eyes and intense stare makes you feel like he is singing right to you; establishing an intimate connection with the audience on a deeper, more personal level than most artists i’ve seen do in concert.

If it is not obvious, i love these guys. Check them out before their LP, “Are you Alone”, drops in the next couple weeks and takes Canada by STORM.

– Spencer


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