Dream Team


Finally, Aidan Knight has released a recording that captures the incredible feeling of his live shows. The first time I heard Knight and his band live, I was awestruck. “North South East West” live was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had at a live show. It got me all jazzed up to get out of bed the next morning and listen to all the recorded material I could find from him. Unfortunately, nothing could compare to what I heard live the night before. This remained to be the case for a while, that is until this song was put out.

In classic Aidan Knight fashion, “Dream Team” builds up from beginning to end, slowly and carefully. The entire song sits at a pretty seven minutes and seven seconds, not wasting a single moment. Very subtly, layers upon layers are added as the song progresses, and as soon as you hear the first hit of the drum, you know you’re in for a great ending. “Dream Team” is easily my favourite recording from Knight yet. As fantastic as this song is though, never pass up a chance to see this guy live.


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