Lost Cousins


The internet is finally blessed with recorded proof of the talent coming from one of Queen’s favourite student musical acts, the five piece indie rock band Lost Cousins. Aside from being wonderful people (can you tell this post is inherently biased?), Lost Cousins have created a tight and unique sound for themselves, which has been carefully tuned over the past 8 months since their birth from the ashes of the band Mountain City. This is the first track of theirs available to the public, giving fans like myself who already know all the words a chance to play it in their kitchen.

Drift features several of the characteristics that differentiate Lost Cousins from their contemporaries and student band counterparts. They use layered vocals with intricate harmonies throughout, bringing noticeably more depth to the otherwise simple arrangement of the verses as well as some good punch to the chorus and refrain. Their lyrics are well composed, featuring a particularly cool nautical metaphor in the second verse. The song changes pace several times, creating distinction between the various sections, most especially in the escalating bridge. This in particular showcases the variety of musical influences behind their sound, as they keep changing things up.

Lost Cousins are well known for their highly energetic live performances so definitely check out one their upcoming shows. My favorites are when they play in their living room, so far their floors are still intact.

– Margaret

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