Drives Me Crazy

Kaytranada is no stranger to the Vault. With his recent sign to XL recordings, the up-and-coming producer has had some serious access to similarly up-and-coming MCs. Cue Vic Mensa – stuck in my mind as Chance the Rapper’s less-exposed twin (but not to bash his originality, receiving ‘best new track’ on Pitchfork last May for Down on my Luck). Drive me Crazy is this duo’s second collab, following last year’s WImme Nah, and once again proves these 2 make a great match.

The production of this song follows Kaytranada’s signature wavy melodies and tight, bouncy percussion that we all know and love. The sporadic rings of synth that can be heard in the background add a certain ambient texture – one that fills the song with spontaneity. By spontaneity I mean to say that type of appeal in music that has no structure or order. This works well with Vic’s flow; sharing a similar rejection for order while still following the changes in rhythm from high energy to sweet and smooth.

Drive Me Crazy recounts Vic’s experiences of being in the spotlight, but can be easily be descriptive of Kaytranada’s popularity as well, as the two are making some serious headway in their genres. As the second single off of Kaytranada’s upcoming LP, I think it is safe to say this debut album will not go unnoticed.

– Spencer

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