After being deprived of the ethereal sounds of Trevor Powers, also known as Youth Lagoon, for a little under two years, he is back at it with a new LP Wondrous Bughouse, slated to be released on March 5. “Dropla” was released this week, and it doesn’t fail to disappoint.

Commenting on the creative process, Powers explains: “My mental state is usually pretty sporadic. A lot of this record was influenced by a fear of mortality but embracing it at the same time. Realizing that human life is only great because it is temporary. Experimenting with ideas about dimensions. I’m not a gifted speaker, so explaining things is difficult for me. But music always makes sense.” This idea of the ephemeral quality of life ties in perfectly with the repetition of the phrase  “You will never die,” which starts out sounding like an assurance and slowly becomes  pleading as the song takes on a darker tone near the end. Wrapping up with two minutes of instrumentals, “Dropla” allows you to revel in the smooth quavering sounds of Youth Lagoon while contemplating the more urgent questions in life.


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