p11-140605-early riser

Degrees of Light

Decisions (ft. Emily King)

Invisible Visible (Feat. Bobby McFerrin & Cesar Camargo Mariano)

Realeased this June, Early Riser is an oeuvre that has been 6 years in the making; this is Taylor McFerrin’s first album. Hearing the name McFerrin probably rings a bell as in Bobby Mcferrin, composer of the song “Don’t Worry be Happy.”  In which case you’d be correct, Taylor is Bobby’s son. This album combines Jazz, Hip-hop, Trap, and has some experimental riffs and sounds on several tracks. Like any cohesive album worth writing about as a w hole, you can listen to Early Riser at times and not realize a new song has come on. Whether they blended into another seamlessly or whether the album just happens to captivate you and put you into a trance-like state where you’re not even thinking about it as an album with separate tracks but simply as one work. But enough philosophical waxing from me, enjoy.


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